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Pricing is based on the services you desire and your number of employees. Your cost can be as low as $500 per year or under $1.00 per employee annually.


Verifi™ ethics and compliance hotline is an affordable, full-service reporting helpline to manage fraud, compliance matters or other ethical concerns within your organization. This whistleblower service is confidential and anonymous, and is monitored by our Certified Fraud Examiners every day, 24-hours a day.

Reports may be submitted securely through our intuitive web reporting portal or, if your employees, customers, or vendors want to speak with an investigator, they can call us on our toll-free number. Calls are not sent to a voicemail or an operator at a call center…all calls are answered by our certified professionals.

Our hotline reporting processes are designed to facilitate whistleblower reporting on all types of misconduct or compliance issues that can harm your organization’s reputation or cripple you financially. The broad spectrum of matters that can be reported include fraud, EEO concerns, ethics or policy violations, safety, conflicts of interest, theft, misconduct, code of conduct or other wrongful acts.


Verifi™ uses only Certified Fraud Examiners to handle all report intake…no voicemail or call center operators. This makes us different and more effective than other hotline providers. Our certified professionals understand sensitive matters and are trained to ask the right questions to get you the best information to manage your risk.

In addition,
  • every Verifi™ report assesses your potential risk and prioritizes each report for you
  • every Verifi™ report includes best practice recommendations
  • we provide immediate notification for high risk matters
  • every organization has secure access to our case management system
  • anonymous reporters can maintain ongoing two-way communication with our professionals, so questions can be asked, answered, and follow-up information can be obtained after the initial report submission

When you are ready to launch your organization’s Verifi™ hotline, or if you have questions, contact us by email.

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